Saturday, November 12, 2005

Can Bigger Be Better?

I'm a fan of VH-1's celebreality show "Celebrity Fit Club." On it, overweight celebrities are divided into two teams which then compete against one another -- and themselves -- in the "battle of the bulge." The team that loses the most weight wins prizes.

Mia Tyler, left, was on the first season of the show -- and I loved her! She is so cool, and probably one of the only people in the world who looks really, REALLY good fat (the only other person that comes to mind at the moment is Queen Latifah.) In fact, I think she looks even better than her (half-) sister, actress Liv Tyler. Which makes me wonder: Can being bigger actually be better?!

I've been struggling with weight and self-image for most of my life, but I've never bought into that whole "big is beautiful" notion that seems to be gaining popularity as people (and, more specifically, women) keep gaining weight. But who knows? Maybe Mia and Latifah aren't alone; maybe there are other women who actually look better being fat rather than thin. Any opinions?


Anonymous April said...

I have the same problem with weight. I was 192, but now I'm 156 (thank goodness). I should be 140, and so, I've still got 16 more pounds left to lose.

Ok, nuff about me... getting back to the post. I think that it's not about how one "looks", but about how one "feels" and about how "healthy" one is. Some people are big sisters and are actually healthy and feel good . . . it becomes a problem when one thinks they look good big, but don't think about health. Diabetes is a problem in my family . . . my black grandma has diabetes.

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