Monday, September 26, 2005


I really have no business being jealous of anyone. I mean, I have an amazingly loving and supportive family, my good health, and (despite being out of work) I am financially stable. Yet I still find myself extremely envious of some people, especially Tara Reid. (Tara Reid is pictured left, in her normal, drunken state.)

I watch Ms. Reid's show, Taradise, regularly. Each week, Tara gets flown to some gorgeous location where she does the following: Has a photo shoot; goes to some "hot" club and dances (poorly) with the (scantily clad) locals (who also dance poorly); and gets drunk. For this, she is paid tons of money and is famous. Meanwhile, I am struggling to find a job just to pay the bills.

Of course, things could be a lot worse. I mean, just look at all of hurricane Katrina's victims...And all the hungry, poor people in the world...Compared to most, I have it good. But I want better.


Blogger Papigiulio said...

Yup soem things in this world are f00ked up out of proportions. Rich people get money for doing stupid stuff, and nice and decent people dont get shit and have to work harder. But thinkign about it pisses us off more so lets just focus on our own nice life and be happy with what we have :)
And yes also I want more :P

5:10 PM  
Anonymous April said...

Girl, how could you be jealous? Lol... naw, in this case... I could understand it. But you know, there is nothing to be proud of when all you do is get paid to be a blonde, heh.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Valerie said...


2:50 AM  
Anonymous Just Me said...

Tara might actually be jealous of someone like you....she's got a lot of material things but she probably is in search of a life other than what you see in magazines and her privileges. With that said're probably richer than she is.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your financialy stable & struggling to pay your bills? Although she is now white trash she obviously didn't get where she's at by sitting on her flabby hiney writing meaningless entries into a blog.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont you have more to do with your life than watch Taradise and wish you were rich and famous??

1:01 PM  
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