Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Creepy, Freaky Boys

Why is it that so many sick perverts are into me? I mean, seriously! I don't dress sexy, I don't sleep around...I am just a nice, normal girl. Yet for some reason, I attract all these creepy guys.

Take yesterday, for example. This kid comes up from behind me and asks me if I had the time; "no problem," I thought, so I politely told him that I didn't have a watch. Then he asked me if I was married. Again, I simply said "no." At the time, I didn't think much of it. Until he started following me.

He kept trailing after me; following me into Rite Aid, asking me questions all along the way. "What are you going to buy here? What are you going to do after this? Can I come with you?" Though annoying, I thought he was harmless. He is, afterall, just a kid.

Then the questions turned dirty. He started asking me thing like, "What cup size are your breasts? Do you like 69?" Then he "accidentally" touched my breasts. I was appalled, and tempted to threaten the kid...but how? I didn't know who he was, so it's not like I could call his mother or anything. Plus, he was a juvenile...or so I thought. When I tried to "turn the tables" and started asking him questions, he said he was "19, almost 20." I found that hard to believe; he looked about 14 or 15 years old, tops. Still, he would not leave me alone. In the end, I agreed to give him my number if he agreed to leave me alone.

I should have given him a wrong number, because by the time I got home, the kid had already left a message on my machine. I just ignored it. Later on, he called several more times, but I just let the machine pick them up. That was, until I picked up the phone, expecting a call from a friend. Once again, the kid -- in his baby-sounding, pre-pubescent seeming voice -- started asking me dirty questions. "What color are your nipples? Do you shave your pussy?" It was gross. I just hung up and, though he kept calling afterwards, I just ignored it. At least he is a kid! (I think.)

Earlier that same day (still yesterday), a "dirty old man" stopped me on the street and started to bother me. The only way I can describe this guy was "gross." He was one of those guys that you can tell, right away, something just "isn't right" about him. He had a creepy "aura" about him, and something in his really made me uneasy. He kept harassing me until I ran away, scared.

And that was just in one day!

In the past, I have been stalked by one guy and almost beaten up by another, who wouldn't take "no" for an answer! All of these "psychos" were just guys who came up to me on the street or while riding in the train. I mean, they had no idea who I was -- I could have had a disease -- but they didn't care; they just wanted to have sex and decided that I was the one they wanted it with.

It's really scary sometimes.


Blogger PINKSandROSES said...

oh i had this really weird drunk marine that wouldn't leave me alone... i totally know how you feel!

2:46 AM  
Blogger Jorge said...

Wow, that is some pretty creepy predicament.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous luv2bhappy said...

You are an absolute idiot. I would like to belive that you make this moronic crap up to have something to actually write because your life sucks. After reading a few of your other posts maybe you are just stupid.

12:07 AM  
Blogger PINKSandROSES said...

hahaha wow i think that luv2bhappy needs a hug or a nap or something... why did they make it so you can't reach them... are they embarassed? stupid

3:40 AM  
Blogger American Princess said...

Thank you, pinksandroses!

"luv2bhappy," normally it doesn't bother me when people leave nasty comments on my blog, but this one really upset me. No, I did not make any of "this crap" up, and I find it offensive that you would accuse me of such a thing. Sexual harassment is serious, and it can be very scary. Hopefully, you will never have to experience it first hand.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your post a couple of times. I think you are giving off "signals" of some sort that you are available. The boy who began following you...that should never have gotten as far as it did, you should have shut him down from the beginning. Keep your eyes and ears open and your head out of the sand before something bad does happen. It's never a victim's fault, but I do feel you can unknowingly put yourself in harm's way.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the hell did you give him your number, you idiot? You are asking for everything you get.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Ali said...

Wow, people are nasty!

I have had these incidents happen to me quite a few times! Why would anyone make something like that up? It is an unpleasant situation and it's not fun. I don't really understand why you gave the kid your number but hey, we all make mistakes especially when we are annoyed and in annoying situations.

This is my first time on your blog and I like it so far. These idiots are just jealous that they don't have anything to write about.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous luv2bhappy said...

I'm very sorry that upset you..You put yourself in that position.If you're such a savvy NYer you should have known better. Your views on the world are very immature, naive and without depth. You are assuming that I am not in my 30's, college educated, worked in the corporate world for 15 years in a field dominated by men, and upper middle class. I now work at home because I'm fortunate enough to stay here for my children and ran across your blog from a cheesy celeb gossip websight that I read while taking a break from working at home as a web designer. You need a serious reality check.

9:36 AM  
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Anonymous George the Skater said...

it's becuse just by looking at u u can tell youre a dirty whore

3:54 PM  

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