Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Go Go Gastineau

There are certain web logs I read on a daily basis. One of those blogs is "A Socialite's Life", a celebrity gossip blog offering insight and playful commentary on the people in the entertainment industry. Recently, while reading the latest entry of A Socialite's Life, I came across the following editorial comment:

"Why on earth does Lisa Gastineau even exist?"

Following that statement was a link to the New York Post's Page Six website with this article:

August 7, 2005 -- LISA Gastineau is not the busty, blond golddigger she appears to be. "One of the biggest misconceptions about me," she tells Social Life magazine for its cover story, "is that I am looking for a sugar daddy. Please, I have enough diamond bracelets. I am a real woman who is looking for a man stronger than me - without a whip and a chair, of course. But he has to have a soft heart. It's too bad Russell Crowe is married." The star of "The Gastineau Girls" with her brunette daughter, Brittny, says she's surprisingly still best friends with all of her ex-boyfriends, and she still dates most of them. Voracious Lisa compares men to food, saying she's never sure which dish to order and wants everything on the left side of the menu. As for her ex-husband, troubled former Jets defensive lineman Mark Gastineau, they are not friends, although she wishes him well. "I just outgrew the guy. I married him at 19," she tells the mag. "But he did give me the most beautiful thing in my life, Brittny."

Seems to me that Lisa Gastineau "exists" to serve as an inspiration to women everywhere; to say "you don't need a man, you can make it without one." I solute you, Lisa Gastineau, for being a "diamond bracelet diva" AND a good role model to young girls.

Catch Lisa and Brittny Gastineau on their reality series Gastineau Girls on "E! Entertainment Television."


Blogger bloggirl said...

lisa gastineau is an aging, insecure, immature bitch, and her daughter is a spoiled rotten little bitch who doesn't know the meaning of having a 'true' moment in her life. lisa throws these little diva tantrums that make me want to puke, and britnee, britaneee.. bitchanee... whatever... stands around with her finger in her nose like the stupid bitch she is... let lisa know what it truly is to raise children on her own, and then tell the bitches to donate to my charity, the one that comes along with the 'real f...ing world'

9:22 PM  

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