Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Classless Masses

It's about time Paris Hilton got some respect! In a recent issue if In Touch magazine, Paris was featured in the weekly staple article, "Who Wore It Better?" Not that this is anything new for Paris -- she is featured in the pictorial spread (nearly) every week. In this particular issue, though, Ms. Hilton is credited with being the "classy" one -- now that is new!

Granted, Paris Hilton is being compared to Janice Dickinson on how each of the two women wore the same, green/leopard-print dress...but for whatever reason, America loves to hate Ms. Hilton, so I was surprised to read that the publication referred to how Paris wore the dress as being "classy" (see picture, below).

While I have never actually met Paris Hilton, I like her based on what I've seen and read. I think the reason she gets so much "heat" from society in general is because she freely expresses her sexuality. It's always been a double standard: When a guy "gets around" with a lot of women (like Colin Farrell) he's a "ladies man" or a "playboy," but when a female does the same thing she's a "slut" and a "whore." It's unfair. So to Paris Hilton, I say, "Go on with your bad self!"


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