Monday, July 25, 2005

Diva Betrayed!!!

So today, VH-1 re-aired Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole, a 90-minute biography of the model/actress that originally aired a few months back. Just like before, I found myself sympathetic to "Vickie Lynn Hogan" -- the poor, little girl who would one day grow up to be the beautiful Anna Nicole Smith -- and got upset when the whole ordeal with her step-son was revisited.

Pierce Marshall is truly a piece of scum. This so-called "man" tried to rob his grieving step-mother out of the inheritance left to her by her deceased husband, J. Howard Marshall. It is clear to anyone who followed the case that the late Mr. Marshall wanted and intended to take care of his young wife as long as SHE (not he) LIVED. Unfortunately, J. Howard Marshall's money-hungry son Pierce wanted both what was left to him by his father AND what was left to his widowed step-mother.

Luckily, Anna Nicole used her wit and savvy business skills to relaunch her career, and now is riding a wave of success after her self-titled hit TV show (on E! Entertainment Television) and a major weight loss that left her looking the best she has in 10 years!

Oh, how I love happy endings.


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