Saturday, July 30, 2005

Immortalized in Diamonds

Who wouldn't want to be immortalized in diamonds? That's why I can't understand the onslaught of criticism against Usher for having his face immortailized in a £1 million (approximately $1.8 million American dollars) customized diamond watch by Diamond Dash -- I mean DAMON Dash. Personally, I think the critics are just jealous. Bring on the bling!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

If you can buy it, why not try it?

I hate the recent trend of celebrities -- people who have LOTS of money -- looking broke and trashy.

Take the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, for example. These two tennis goddesses have enough money to hire a full-time, personal hair dresser for EACH of them, yet they always have the worst weaves! Take a look at the picture of Venus, below. It's a tragedy! Her hair looks like it's falling off! There's simply no excuse for it.

Paris Hilton is known for being over-the-top, but one area that she falls short on is her choice of tiaras. When she wears a tiara to "compliment any outfit," it is always something so small it's barely visible! Just try to see her tiara in the picture on the left. If she pays more than $3 for those things, she's been ripped off. As a former beauty pageant queen AND director, I know that there are plenty of large, spectacular-looking tiaras and crowns available that would suit Ms. Hilton much better.

What I hate the worst, though, is when multi-millionaires dress like they're homeless. What's with Britney Spears (right)? She has more than enough money to buy some decent clothing -- unless her husband, Kevin Federline, spent it all.
And why don't celebs dress their children? If I was a multi-millionaire mother, I'd buy my kids the cutest designer clothes available. Instead, celebrities these days dress their kids in crap IF THEY EVEN DRESS THEIR KIDS AT ALL!!Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Hurley...their kids always seem to be running around naked. Now Heidi Klum's daughter has been photographed naked on the beach (left). What is with these people?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Diva Betrayed!!!

So today, VH-1 re-aired Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole, a 90-minute biography of the model/actress that originally aired a few months back. Just like before, I found myself sympathetic to "Vickie Lynn Hogan" -- the poor, little girl who would one day grow up to be the beautiful Anna Nicole Smith -- and got upset when the whole ordeal with her step-son was revisited.

Pierce Marshall is truly a piece of scum. This so-called "man" tried to rob his grieving step-mother out of the inheritance left to her by her deceased husband, J. Howard Marshall. It is clear to anyone who followed the case that the late Mr. Marshall wanted and intended to take care of his young wife as long as SHE (not he) LIVED. Unfortunately, J. Howard Marshall's money-hungry son Pierce wanted both what was left to him by his father AND what was left to his widowed step-mother.

Luckily, Anna Nicole used her wit and savvy business skills to relaunch her career, and now is riding a wave of success after her self-titled hit TV show (on E! Entertainment Television) and a major weight loss that left her looking the best she has in 10 years!

Oh, how I love happy endings.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Botox, Baby!!

I can't believe it. I am "only" 26 years old, yet I already need Botox injections. I feel so old! I have this one, deep line running across the middle of my forehead. It almost looks like I banged by head into something...which is what I kept hoping it was.

I kept thinking, "maybe I just bumped my head and somehow cut it or something," even though I didn't recall such a thing happening. Still, denial, denial,'s not just a river in Egypt!

Now, every time I look in the mirror -- be it to put on my makeup or just to wash my face -- I can't stop staring at it. And it looks like another one may be forming, but I can't tell. I'm not worried about that one, though. I'm worried about that horrible, deep crease that is so prominent. How can this be possible? I thought these things only happen to much older people, with dry skin! My skin is oily! I STILL HAVE SOME ACNE!!

Oh my gosh...did I just type that?

That's what this is doing to me; I am using the dreaded "A" word, and I don't mean "ass!" I mean the "A" word associated with "less-than-perfect skin," most common amongst teenagers -- yeah, THAT word. And I used it in reference to me; admitted that I still suffer from it. UGH!

This sucks. How am I going to pay for all of this? Botox injections, teeth bleaching...I better (1) find another job -- fast! Or (2) find a guy with money willing to "sponsor" me, as a good man does **bats my eyelashes**, or (3) go without food for a while. I can survive on a liquid diet; I've done it before. I used to suffer from anorexia...and it's not like I can't afford to lose some weight. Of course, last would be the last resort.

But I do want Botox...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Diva Profile: Kim passenger

The following was taken from the July 18th issue of In Touch magazine:

"Kim acts like a Diva"

There once was a rumor that Kim Basinger demanded Evian water to bathe in on a movie set. But it seems she may be at it again, making major demands -- all in the name of privacy. The former Mrs. Alec Baldwin wants to be left alone while she is in Toronto shooting The Sentinel. First, she insisted on taking over an entire sushi bar so she and her bodyguard could eat undisturbed, and then she rented out a second suite at the Four Seasons hotel for a treadmill -- because she didn't want to use the gym!

She also insisted on having a trendy clothing shop, Over the Rainbow, closed so that she could browse in peace!

American Princess says: Four Seasons hotel? Ew! That's not very Diva-ish!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dirty Girls

Few people understand Divas, which is why I was not surprised when people began making fun of Paula Abdul for lobbying for stricter sanitation and safety standards at nail salons. Her reason for doing so? Abdul once contracted an infection after receiving a manicure at such a salon -- something I can relate to.
In my case, the infection resulted in an ugly growth under my left thumb nail. I went to the Dermatologist and he said that my case isn't unique; many people contract such infections after having work done at nail salons. The reason is, employees at these establishments use the same tools and instruments on multitudes of customers, including those with nail infections. Infection-causing bacteria can be transmitted from person to person by sharing the same file, cuticle pusher, nail polish (and many other tools) in much the same way that some diseases can be transmitted from person to person by sharing the same needles/syringes. Granted, an ugly nail isn't the same as contracting a disease such as HIV, but why should anyone have to worry about contracting any type of infection from receiving a service that (s)he PAID FOR!

Now I have this ugly left thumb nail I have to deal with. My Dermatologist recommended some over-the-counter treatments for me to try, but if that doesn't work, we might just have to rip the entire nail out from the roots. If that is the case, I will be pissed. I shouldn't have to spend a penny on curing something a business is responsible for. I feel like I've been victimized twice; the first being the actual infection I contracted from the nail salon and the second being the money I will have to spend to take care of it.

So I am glad Paula is standing up for all of us that have been victimized by nail salons; she has my support. And next time I go to get my nails done, I'm bringing my OWN "tools of the trade" in hopes that this won't happen again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Omarosa is my hero!

The fifth season of the Surreal Life just started two weeks ago on VH-1 and, to my delight, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is part of this season's cast. Omarosa, who became famous for her role on the hit TV show "The Apprentice," has to be the most under-appreciated woman on television today. Here is a person who used her intelligence, beauty and wit to not only get out of the poor, violent neighborhood in which she grew up, but who also utilized her skills and assets to become the most talked about celebrity in reality-TV history.

Unfortunately, most of the talking people do about her is negative. For some reason, completely unbeknownst to me, people don't seem to like her much. Maybe it's because she is a dark-skinned black woman who speaks proper English, or because she is more beautiful, smarter, classier and more successful than most -- or all of the above. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn't matter to me; I like her. A lot.

Omarosa doesn't take crap from anyone and won't settle for anything less than the absolute best -- and why should she? No one gets to the top by agreeing to settle for less, professionally or otherwise. That's why I think her decision to leave her ball-and-chain husband, Aaron Stallworth, was a smart one. Aaron didn't like his wife's newfound fame and didn't want her to pursue the numerous opportunities in the entertainment industry offered to her after the success of The Apprentice. Ever the career woman, Omarosa chose work over her spouse, and filed for divorce. Now there is nothing holding this diva back from conquering the world, and I look forward to her doing so.